Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Is the Deal With Technorati?

I mean, I'm not hugely egotistical -- only mildly, I hope; checking my stats every two weeks or so -- but it's really weird that the Other Blog that I used to do, which has been silent since the day I got shown the door nearly five months ago, has a Technorati ranking about eight thousand higher than this one.

I mean, nobody's linking to it, right? There's no new content, yes? So why is the ranking of Antick Musings drifting downward (not all that much, and I don't really care that it is), and that other blog, which I shall not name, sticking where it was?


John D said...

Tecnorati takes into account links from the past 180 days, which is why sites like (which saw a HUGE spike in June 2007, but little since then) are still highly ranked.


Ariel said...

On the same note: Antick Musings will have had a bump when you were writing your blog in exile pieces, but now you've moved the focus back to ComicMix the incoming links from new sources to here will probably have tailed off a bit, so as links older than 180 day drop out of the picture, the score is creeping down...

James Nicoll said...

I've noticed that my ranking on Technorati has declined but also that it has become a lot worse at noticing when people link to my LJ account.

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